Sunday, September 21, 2014

3 Week West Coast ADV on a KLR 650

Here is my packing list for my three week journey aboard one my great friend Brent's KLR 650. Pictures to come soon of how it all packs up on the bike.

I've got a lot of emotions running through my head right now. As an average guy with a bit of anxiety, this "little" trip is a very big deal to me. It is literally nothing compared to the hardened adventure riders who circumnavigate the globe or brave countries that nobody has heard of... but to me, the average guy, and perhaps to you, too, this is 3500 mile trip is the biggest adventure of my life. It will be the longest away from my family, the farthest from them, and the riskiest endeavor I have ever undertaken. I say this because in lieu of returning to the world of teaching high school special education classes, I have decided to become a professional adventurer and "YouTuber". Now before you say, "Why not just keep teaching?" Well... that's a topic for another day. To keep things short-ish, let it suffice that there is something out there calling me. Something that I've had all my life. I need to find it. Whatever it is...

Perhaps you've felt the same way... like there's something more than the 9-5 desk job or punch-in-punch-out-pay-the-rent lifestyle... part of me wants to find this "it" for myself, and part of me wants to inspire you to find your "it" while I try to find mine.

Enough about emotions and weepy-eyed sentimental stuff. There will be plenty of time for writing (and filming) about those later. Let's get down to brass tacks before I spend the next three weeks in the fetal position on my bed instead of enjoying life on two wheels through the great North West and the PCH.

My packing list is based on a few nights camping (hopefully not urban camping), with most of my journey spent couch-surfing with my amazing and generous friends who I haven't met yet.

Please comment if you think I'm missing anything vital! Also, how would you pack a 17" laptop on a motorcycle? I've determined that I have to take it... as it is my connection to my life and this new work I am perusing.

    1. 3 sets underpants
    2. 3 sets undershirts
    3. 3 sets socks
    4. 2 riding jerseys
    5. 1 riding pants
    6. 1 casual pants
    7. 1 gym shorts
    8. 1 Down Jacket
    9. 1 Waterproof Pants
    10. Sanuks
    1. Balaclava
    2. Cold Weather Gloves
    3. Thermals
    4. Layered Jacket
    1. Tent
    2. Flashlight
    3. Sleeping Bag
    4. Tarp
    5. Sleeping Pad
    6. Stove
    7. Water Filter
    8. Knife
    9. Lighter
    10. Electrical Tape
    11. Duct Tape
    12. Utencils
    13. Toilet Paper
    1. Spare Tube
    2. Tire Irons
    3. Zipties
    4. Tools
    5. Pump
    6. SPOT
    7. Multitool
    8. JB Weld
  5. ARMOR
    1. Knee Guards
    2. Boots
    3. Armor
    4. Helmet
    5. Gloves
    6. Neck Brace
  6. FOOD
    1. Fiber
    2. Mountain House Meals
      1. 3x Dinner
      2. 3x Lunch
      3. 3x Breakfast
      4. Spare Water Container
    1. Extra Mic
    2. Hat Cam
    3. Boom King
    4. as100
    5. as15
    6. a3000
    7. Anker Battery
    8. Chargers
    9. SD Cards
    10. Laptop???
    1. Deodorant
    2. Baby Powder
    3. Toothbrush
    4. Toothpaste
    5. Baby Wipes
    6. “Roid” Wipes
    7. Chapstick
  9. MISC
    1. Ear Plugs
    2. Paracord
    3. Spare Bolts
    5. Notebook
    6. RAM Mount
    1. Passport
    2. Wallet
    3. Spare Key
    4. Phone & Charger
    5. SunGlasses
    6. Copies of important documents
    7. Insurance Documents
    8. Spare Cash