Thursday, September 11, 2014

ADV Plans, Flash Flooded, RAC, & the eveRide Rally! o#o

Go to and leave a comment on my WEST COAST ADV pinned post if you'd like to show me an awesome trail, ride with me point-to-point, join other riders in an epic meetup, camp, do some service, or even let a shaggy, smelly, socially awkward guy (me) stay at your home (or at least in your backyard)! I'll be heading through Utah, Idaho, Washington, British Columbia (Victoria), then back through Washington, through Oregon, and down California's PCH to San Diego, then through Nevada (Vegas) and back to St. George. Yes it's mostly going to be road riding... buuuuuut....

I want to stop EVERYWHERE I CAN to see your best dirt riding spots, hang out with you, and do some random acts of coolness! Come on... PROVE to me that there is world-class Dual Sport riding close to you! It doesn't have to be dirt, either... show me that epic twisty stretch of pavement! If it's beautiful, fun, or interesting, I wanna see it with you.

Then, once you've come up with an epic ride, do a bit of research and see where we could do some service in your community. Whether it's the elderly lady down the road who could use a few strong backs for yardwork, or baking some cookies for strangers... just get creative and let's change the world for at least one person together!

Not on the route? No matter! You can still do some good! Help Ben and his family get a sweet mobility van!

Interested in the following the tracks as I create the "Borderlands Enduro eveRally"? Follow my GPX tracks on the rides I take!