Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pre ADV Thoughts and Feelings... Worries, Finances, Goals, & Dreams o#o

A rather raw look into some of my apprehensions about the fast-approaching West Coast adventure ride, the future of my channel, finances, and goals. I noticed that through this video I probably sound pompous in some parts. I'm not sure if I'm overcompensating for the deep fear I have of the whole venture and fooling myself into security... or perhaps I really do feel confident in my future because I know who's at the helm. We'll find out together.

I figure that while others have traveled farther, ride better, pack smarter, go faster, or are better in than me in a million different ways... I can offer you my realness. I can tell you what's really going on in my mind, and perhaps we can relate to each other. The way I see it with just a day left before it's go-time, riding the thing will be the easy part. The mental and emotional battles I face will be much more difficult. That doesn't mean that the whole adventure will be a sob fest or a depressive rant. However, I do intend to reveal the true fears, anxieties, hopes, and emotional complexities of taking huge risks (among many of the other logistical preparations) through adventure riding.

A gigantic THANK YOU for using the Amazon links. Honestly, none of this would be even close to possible without you guys doing that simple gesture of trust in me!

I promised full disclosure on how this whole thing would work, so that's why I'm talking about finances etc. Keep in mind, my mortgage payment is $900 a month, which is the same as rent in my area. If you guys have questions about personal details of how I make ends meet I'd be happy to disclose... I really do want to show anybody how they can have adventure in their lives while still living a regular life and/or even making money while adventuring. I've just gotta find out how it's done for myself first :)